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SAP training and products support

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SAP Products Support

To successfully develop, implement and operate information technology (IT), organisations often focus on developing and outlining processes to manage complexity, risks and costs controlling. To address these business challenges in 2010 and beyond, Pivotal Systems Solutions offers customers following support offerings.

1. SAP Post Implementation Support

We provide post implementation maintenance services for the clients that have implemented SAP solutions already. Our service consists:

1. Remote technical support - to the client's SAP administrators (in-house) or we act as client's SAP administrators (outsourced)
2. Application support - to the users of the client's SAP system in solving problems that arise during everyday use of the system
2. SAP Maintenance Contract to Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs

Maintenance services are provided under a permanent agreement and help reduce overall SAP maintenance costs. The costs of using the system may be planned in advance (in a long-term fixed payment contract with pre-defined scope). The system is supervised by our highly skilled specialists to solve problems quickly and efficiently. At the client's locations, SAP system users may then focus on their essential duties and administrators may improve and develop IT solutions instead of dealing with repetitive users inquiries that we take care of.

These offerings help you gain protection for your system performance and stability, flexibility in support options to meet changing needs of your business, and collaboration throughout the entire application lifecycle to successfully secure your operations.

Our support offerings are designed to help you respond to issues and continuously improve your core business processes – all while leveraging your existing solutions and providing the guidance you need to become a best-run business.

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