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SAP Materials Management (MM) / SAP SCM-Procurement

Course Objectives

1. Develop strong conceptual and practical knowledge in all areas of MM or Supply Chain Management-Procurement.

2. Grow MM/SCM-Procurement professionalism with practical examples of real world scenarios.

3. Master MM/SCM-Procurement skills with project based deadlines and challenges of the real world.

Course Duration

8 week-ends/64 hours.

Course Outline

1. SAP Overview
2. SAP Solution Manager
3. Processes in Procurement
4. Purchase Requisitions; Purchase Orders; Request for Quotations
5. Procurement for stock; Procurement for direct consumption
6. Subcontracting
7. External services
8. Reporting
9. Material Master; Vendor Master
10. Purchasing info records
11. Source list; Quota arrangement; Messages
12. Purchasing Optimisation
13. Contracts; Scheduling Agreements; Invoicing Plans
14. Document release procedure
15. Purchasing document configuration
16. Inventory Management; Goods Receipts; Goods Issues; Stock Transfers; Reservations
17. Consignment; Physical Inventory; Availability Check; Transaction types
18. Valuation and Account Determination
19. Material Valuation; Price Control; Account determination
20. Material Requirements Planning; Reorder point planning
21. Lot-size calculation; Planning run; Planning result
22. Invoices; Credit Memos; Automatic Settlement
23. Invoice Verification in Background; Adjustments
24. Freight invoices; Blocked invoices
25. GR/IR clearing account maintenance
26. Configuration of Organisational Structures and Material Master
27. MM-Organisation Structures - Material Type; Field Section

Trainee Profile

This course is intended for:

1. People with background in Procurement, Logistics, & Supply Chain Management
2. Existing SAP consultants in other modules
3. Project team members who likes to undertake new projects or start a new career in SAP MM/SCM-Procurement

Other Requirements are:

1. A high level of computer literacy and skills
2. A solid educational background

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