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SAP Advance Business Application Programming (ABAP)

Course Objectives

1. Develop strong conceptual and practical knowledge in ABAP programming language .

2. Grow ABAP professionalism with practical examples of real world scenarios.

3. Master ABAP skills with project based deadlines and challenges of the real world.

Course Duration

8 week-ends/64 hours.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to ABAP workbench
2. ABAP Dictionary
3. Techniques of list process
4. Create ABAP programs and the most important Repository objects using appropriate ABAP Workbench tools
5. Navigate in the Workbench and use the syntax help
6. Process source text with the ABAP Editor
7. Test programs using the Debugger
8. Test programs enhancements and modifications
9. Project-oriented development using Transport Organizer
10. Overview of important ABAP statements
11. Define elementary and structured data objects
12. Working with internal tables
13. Use function groups and function modules
14. Use of classes, methods and BAPIs
15. Database dialogs: information about database tables in the ABAP Dictionary, read database tables
16. User dialogs: list, selection screen, screens. ABAP Web Dynpro (from SAP NetWeaver 7.0)
17. Overview of the different options for adapting software
18. Understand ABAP Objects
19. Analyze and design classes (UML)
20. Study Classes, instances, references, events
21. Understand inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism
22. Special object-oriented techniques
23. Global classes/interfaces (Class Builder)
24. Class-based exception concept.

Trainee Profile

This course is intended for:

1. People with background in programming in any language
2. Existing SAP consultants in other modules
3. Project team members who likes to undertake new projects or start a new career in SAP ABAP

Other Requirements are:

1. A high level of computer literacy and skills
2. A solid educational background

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